Monday, June 28, 2010

{ block r.i. }

 Block Island, Rhode Island
it was a not so short car trip and then ferry ride to get there
but it is all about who you're with anyways
so with some of my favorites
we made our way to block
and got plenty of sunshine
and cruised around with our gang of mopeds
visited lighthouses
enjoyed the coastline 
watched Adam get attacked by seagulls
took a much needed nap on the beach
and finished the day with some lobster & fish tacos. 
east coast perfection. 
life is good.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

{ at the carwash }

the carwash is the best 5 minute relaxation break ever...
seriously, I highly recommend you try this...
 { sunroof not required but it enhances the experience } 
upon entering the carwash, put your seat back in the full downright position, 
turn the music up (journeys faithfully highly recommended)
grab a friend to share the experience with
then sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
It will change your life...enjoy! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{ new york moments }

NEW YORK and I have an abusive relationship
and sometimes I just want out...
the subway is crowded, it always smells, it's expensive
it's loud, it's dirty, and it's just plain hard to live here
but then I have one of those NEW YORK moments
and I'm reminded how much I love it here...
some favorites from Cali were in town and we took 
a little walk through Central Park before dinner
the birds were chirping, there was music in the air
and I'd begun to think I'd stepped onto the set of a dream.
oh NEW YORK...will I ever be able to leave you?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{ duck oh ten }

...another magical year at duck
i might say even the best one yet
to me there is nothing better then
good friends...good food...and the beach
it's the only place where I really truly relax
and that I did...well, my style.
i'm losing my voice from laughing too much
and talking the night away...
my butt is sore from dancing too much
& my stomach hurts from late night food fests
but there is a glow on my skin...
kodak moments on my camera
and memories that will last a lifetime..
late night shenanigans.
hammocks & stars.
ten year anniversaries.
beach cruising.
walks & talks.
hot tub karaoke dedication.
moonlight dancing.
favorites & loves.

i'm having serious withdrawals...