Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ hair screening }

I'll let Matt tell the story on this one:

Pamela Pamela Pamela! What are we going to do with her. I say we take the hairpiece and do something fun with it. So, did she tell you what happened with the hairpiece? We were having breakfast with Ruth and Rob and Pam told us this story. She said on her way through security in Denver that she was wearing her Jean jacket that was part of her outfit. Security said she had to take the jacket off because she was buzzing. Pam refused! She told security it was part of her outfit and that she would not take it off. During the story, we are all do what security tells you to do, post 9/11. Anyway we went on about eating our meal.

In the evening Pam was taking me to dinner. She then said that she had lied to Ruth and Rob about security. I said what are you talking about? Well come to find out, it was not her jacket that set off the alarm at security, it was her hairpiece. They insisted that she take off the hairpiece and put it through screening. So there this piece of fake hair is sitting all alone going through the screening...then after it checked out, she put it back on. lol

My cute mother always makes me laugh!

SNL here's your next skit.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

{ morning scream }

There are over 8 million people in NYC and some of those millions are homeless.

I'm usually nice to everyone, even when they smell from not having showered for weeks but after this morning I might keep my distance for awhile.

I woke up to go on my favorite run in Riverside Park and always finish by running up the stairs to Riverside Drive. I noticed a homeless man standing near the top so I decided to run on the other side as I usually cruise pretty fast (I only sprint when I know my run is going to be over! lol). He was quiet, and just kept to himself until I got closer and right as I was passing him he turned and started SCREAMING at me. I was moving so fast it didn't freak me out until after I had past him but his voice stayed with me for hours.

Some screamers are nice, like the man who regularly yells "hallelujah" from our street corner. He makes me happy but the scary in my face random scream from this morning, I can live without.

The joys of living in NYC...

Friday, April 17, 2009

{ i heart nyc }

...there is nothing like spring in NYC.

If you haven't witnessed it yourself, COME. I love visitors.

With flip flops on and my camera in hand, I rushed out to the park after work to soak up some sunshine. Winters here can be brutal but it's worth it every time for a little spring heaven.


I met some of my favorites in the park, then spent the evening on a rooftop deck with my colleagues
with nothing but great conversation, bbq and the city lights. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Spring, please stay awhile. I like you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{ rockers }

In college it was pretty much known by all that I would only date rockstars...well any cute guy that could play the guitar would usually make the cut. Fast forward to California and although I said I was over my rockstar days, I couldn't help myself. Put 10 guys in fancy suits and I'd pick the creative one that made no more than $35K. Seriously. It's a talent I have if you want to call it that. My friend Speck will attest.

I have to say though that I think NYC has finally broken me of my "habit." I was at a concert the other night and the whole time I couldn't help but think of how OVER I am of rockstars. Don't get me wrong. Pete Yorn is still hot, and I still melt when I hear a good love ballad but guys with real jobs are more my style.

Walk down Park Avenue at lunch time and I think you'll be convinced that you prefer the man in the real suit.

It's about time that I'm the one who plays guitar in the relationship.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

{ keep austin weird }

I had visions of basking in the sun in Miami for Easter weekend but everyone else had the same idea too and flying on a standby buddy pass (THANKS again Caroline)-- Miami was a bust. I tried...twice to get out but after my failed attempts I decided it was time to choose another adventure. After a quick trip home to ditch my Miami vice dress and get a few hours of sleep, we were Austin TX bound.

Random, yes, but I had heard good things about Austin and it was time I venture to another city in TX besides El Paso.

What did I love most about Austin?

...The fact that the rental car guys, insisted they take our luggage, put it in our rental car AND gave us bottled water. Southern hospitality is NO joke.

...We didn't need Tina, the lovely GPS voice to tell us where to go. You can use a map in TX. Jersey, do you hear that?!?

...They have the original and nicest Whole Foods in the country and cute 20 year old guys who adored us and gave us free food. I know we're hot but I think they loved us most because we weren't hippies. Yes, Whole Foods was our first stop upon arrival.

...The air smells good (maybe that was just being out of NYC though???)

...Great shopping (I do live in the shopping capital of America but Austin was just as fun...had we of spent Saturday day there, I would have been the proud owner of some cowboy boots...I don't know what's gotten into me...I've never been much of a cowgirl but lately I'm ready to buy some boots, move to a farm and grow herbs...good thing I'm still in NYC, I'd probably miss the city after a month of country life)

...Private tour guides. We ran into Caroline's friend on the plane who offered to let us stay at her house. So, our hotel was cancelled, and we had the best tour guide in Austin. I love seeing the local side of things.

...Cold springs? I've been to the hot springs before but have never seen cold springs until our nature walk to Barton Springs. The water was chilly but in the summers there, you know exactly where I'd be.

...Musicians there get free health insurance? Really? I guess it is the live music capital of the world

...South Congress Street - Great EVERYTHING! Shops, restaurants, cloaked men. The weirdos are not only in NYC.

...Hey Cupcake! I normally don't like cake or frosting but I couldn't pass up a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting, served by a hot, friendly cupcake guy in a winnebago? Caroline got the Michael Jackson (chocolate cupcake with white frosting of course!)

...Home Slice Pizza...a little slice of home away from the city. Great NYC style pizza that's worth the wait.

...LIVE music. We only made it to one place but I heard enough to make me want to come back.

It was a quick 24 hours but well worth the fight. Who flies to Austin all the way from NYC for 24 hours??? Ugh. I guess I do.

Silly, yes, but when you're flying for free (THANKS again C) I love flying the friendly skies.

We made it back in plenty of time for church on Sunday and got to enjoy another amazing day filled with great food, friends, sunshine, (although chilly!), music and most importantly the chance to attend the amazing Easter program at church. The music was perfection.

I am blessed.

Austin, I'll be back. I miss you already...