Sunday, October 31, 2010

{ apples on the hudson }

we arrived at grand central station after church on sunday 
and hopped on a train headed to croton falls 
to pick apples at outhouse orchards...
the ride up the hudson was filled with girl talk and naps 
and beautiful fall leaves
it was the perfect halloween afternoon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

{ nyc vows }

new york city friends, 
I'm back
I know I've been gone for awhile
and life has been crazy but I've vowed to stay put
and slow life down, at least until Christmas. 
So, let's play...I've missed you! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ saturdays warrior }

saturdays warrior - simmons style
From the genius of ryan simmons at a upstairs theatre on the upper west side
there was magic on stage and it involved flying babies and flashlights & lots of 
white and battery powered candles and aliens and swords and who can
forget the monkey and the infamous rustin reidhead. My stomach hurt from laughing 
and I was beyond entertained -- twas a very very good night. Maybe one of these 
days I'll give in and see the movie version but we all know it couldn't top this...
and it was for a good - win. I like it. 

{ get well flowers }

I've been bedridden for days with an awful flu that I wouldn't wish on anyone! 
don't feel too sorry for me though...
tim riggins and friday night lights kept me entertained for days
and I got flowers and soup and cute cards and text messages and...
it was just the flu...I wasn't even close to dying even though I thought I was
but I was so well taken care mom would be happy
how did a girl get so lucky?  

Monday, October 11, 2010

{ sixty four cents }

5 years ago I moved to NEW YORK, with sixty four cents in my pocket...
My California favorites gave it to me when I packed up and moved to the big city. 
I really did put it in my pocket because who gets to say they moved here with sixty four cents...I do. 
It's amazing to think how much has happened in the last five years...I'm in awe. 
In awe of my life and all that I have and the people that have come my way. 
I miss California daily but had I never made the jump to this coast,
I wouldn't have all that I have now and I'm forever grateful for those who pushed me out here. 
Who knows how much longer I'll be here but NEW YORK and I have had a good time
thanks to all my NEW YORK favorites who have made that happen...I LOVE you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{ big texas }

a weekend in dallas texas: my first visit
Our flight was delayed but it was okay because I had my camera
and we filmed commercials in the airport, just because. The camera
loves Andrea. Southern charm is no joke and stepping off the plane
the charm was there from the moment we landed until we, almost tearfully,
got to the airport to begin our trek back home. Friday was a perfect
day off. We started things right with lunch, then a visit to the famed
Northpark Mall.  Texans know how to shop. Wow. I was impressed.
The mallgoers were decked out in their finest red and orange tees
ready for the Texas-OU game that evening at the Texas State Fair
which of course we attended because Texas is not Texas without a little fried
Oreos? Pizza? PB&J? Coke? Pepperoni Pizza? Butter?
Fried butter? Really? What the...???
Still feeling the prior nights fried fiesta, Saturday was spent in down dog at yoga
then in the steam room and pool where the Texas sunshine couldn't have been more perfect.
Texas is a winner. I'll be back but no more fried Frito pies for me.