Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ saturdays warrior }

saturdays warrior - simmons style
From the genius of ryan simmons at a upstairs theatre on the upper west side
there was magic on stage and it involved flying babies and flashlights & lots of 
white and battery powered candles and aliens and swords and who can
forget the monkey and the infamous rustin reidhead. My stomach hurt from laughing 
and I was beyond entertained -- twas a very very good night. Maybe one of these 
days I'll give in and see the movie version but we all know it couldn't top this...
and it was for a good - win. I like it. 


Rustino Scar said...

best pics ever!!!
You have such a gift. thanks for sharing!

Amanda Hatch said...

Nice Rust
Looks like fun. I don't remember an alien or a muppet in the real one though :)