Saturday, August 28, 2010

{ living the dream }

do you ever have moments when you look around and wonder what in the world
you're doing and how you got there and want to just run away from it all?
A few weeks ago I was having one of those moments...
I felt like I was living in an episode of the office, except it wasn't funny, at all.

Don't feel sorry for me is good.
I was on the phone with my sister last night and I asked her how things were going 
{ living the dream }
was what she said...funny as that was my first response
just a few hours earlier when asked the very same question. 
We really are so blessed and life couldn't be better in the whole scheme of things. 
We really are living the dream and yes, I know how lucky I am.

Monday, August 23, 2010

{ snooki }

I love the fact that I have family in jersey 
it's always a good time, especially when my family is in town
we ate we drank and ate some more and when it rained
we had an all morning father of the bride movie festival
we definitely spent time on the jersey shore though under the jersey sun
and my cousin my uncle and I spent a morning
biking & running & biking some more all along the jersey shore
my uncle put it well...nothing quite fits in jersey, yet somehow it all fits
there was even a snooki sighting by the wisconsin cousins on their last day
thank you jersey for everything you are...we had a great time.
fern & co.
p.s. I'm getting good at taking iphone pictures while biking...

Monday, August 16, 2010

{ pepperoni rolls }

it was a seven hour drive to west virginia
but there was plenty of conversation flowing and
background music to get us safely & enjoyably there...
upon arrival there were hugs and welcomes and
a late night walk down to the dock
to watch the meteors stream across the sky
it made me miss the stars but I got my fix...
morning greeted us with perfect glassy water
on cheat lake and sweet west virginia air...
we got the boat fired up and hit the water
speaking of hitting it I got up on the wakeboard
for the very first time and loved every second...
after plenty of lake time we took a little tennis break
and the scenic route up to coopers rock
then it was back to the lake for one last evening ride...
the malones treated us like royalty
and I loved spending time with some of my favorite DCers...
driving through the lincoln tunnel on the way home
I realized I missed out on a west virginia specialty, pepperoni rolls...
next time west virginia, next time.

Friday, August 6, 2010

{ hamptons life }

every friday my colleagues head to the hamptons
where city life meets the beach
people are less buttoned up
but still very well soled. 
it always sounded like a great place to be
and now I get it
I could get used to this life
some of the best beaches on the east coast
and for a relatively small piece of land
there are drives that go on for miles
and great homes tucked away in the forest
with the beach just a short distance away
our day was spent on the shore
and night the perfect birthday dinner party
not much makes me happier than the
beach, friends and good food.
thanks for the graphic calypso...always a favorite.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

{ bang bang }

I walked into the whittemore house tonight to get my hair done
and upon entering my two favorite always absolutely adorable 
stylists both told me in unison that I should cut bangs. 
so I said yes. 
how could I say no to that? 
I haven't had bangs since middle school when I had the whole
sky high pyramid bang thing going on. 
I'm not sure how to fix them yet but change is good...
so bring on the bangs!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{ the panthers }

a good friend (who's been in the city for quite awhile now)
told me I need to get a bike...because it adds such a newness to the city...
why didn't I do this before?!?
Hot summer nights are meant for cruising around with your friends,
with the wind in your hair and nothing to worry about other than
watching out for those crazy cabbies so they don't hit you. We've been asked
twice now if we're in a bike gang...why, yes we are and we call ourselves the panthers.
all are welcome...with or without a helmut,
but Adam always wears his...he believes in safety first!