Monday, August 8, 2011

{ vegas on the rocks }

I never thought I'd say that I miss Vegas but I miss Vegas...
the last time I was there, I was moving from the west coast and didn't know when I'd be back
so almost six years later, I saw a whole new side of Vegas that I'd never seen before...
there's something magical and normal (not my normal) about the suburbs
like anywhere, it's really about the people you're with and my people are the best
but in Vegas there are cute neighborhoods and great local restaurants
and you can have turtles named beastie in your backyard
and there is lots of space and if you feel like putting on your heels you can head down to the lights
it's like a little mini everything...more like a fabrication of everything
but there are still shows { Celine! } and restaurants and all of that stuff...
and when you really need to get away from the city lights you can take a little drive...
red rock canyon is GORGEOUS...I'm definitely not going to let another six years go by.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{ snowballs for dinner }

temp and I met for a walk after work for some storytelling & exploring...
one of my favorite things to do in the city.
Christopher was where we started because it's always a good place to begin
we sat in a little park with a fountain and then made our way to a much bigger fountain
and maybe temp decided it was the night to dance in the fountain and then we walked some more
and came across this lovely little shop called Imperial Woodpecker Snowballs
and it was oh so perfect and oh so lovely and we sat and ate snowballs for delicious!
The sky was getting dark so we decided to make our way home and outside the subway
it was downpouring and we forgot our umbrellas but sometimes it's fun to just go for it
so we ran as fast as we could...screaming through the rain and still got drenched but it was worth it.