Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{ b. birthdays }

borg and bond have birthdays on the same day.

...after dinner at eatery we were off to roam the city, in search of clues, on an amazing racesque hunt.

...not normally my thing but even in the pouring rain, I had a good time.

...somehow jane & I missed the whole point of the race but being the creative geniuses that we are we bought an i love nyc shirt and had all of the models in our pictures write a little birthday message to our dear friends.

my favorite pics: the couple we got to kiss at the fountain at columbus circle and the adorable little girl who gave me the cutest high five. We certainly didn't complete the real mission but we made our own and I think that made all the difference.

I'll leave you with a few words to describe the infamous borg and bond:


{ summer love }

I LOVE nyc summers.

opera in the park, the phil, picnics, rooftops, strolls...

...mmmmm good!

Monday, July 6, 2009

{ ocean beach }

I still miss the left coast & living 4 blocks from the water, but the right coast isn't all so bad.

The water is FREEZING but at least we have a beach and it's a nice little escape from the city.

I just love being by the water and fire island was the perfect little escape.

I love playing like I'm on vacation for the day.

Life is good.

{ chicago style }

Just got back from my first ever trip to CHICAGO.


...after living in nyc not many cities feel like cities anymore but chicago was up to par.

I loved the tourists there. Midwesterners to the core. White socks, white tennies, white shirt...the standard uniform.

Chicago, I'll be back to visit again someday.

...thanks fifes for being such great hosts!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

{ mgmt }

I LOVE concerts and I LOVE brooklyn.

MGMT in prospect park was the perfect summer night with some of my favorite girls (and the best panini I've ever had...why does everything seem to taste better in brooklyn?)

The only thing not perfect was the way too tall gentleman standing in front of us...and the david bowie sort of look alike that tried hitting on sister helen the whole night.

We even ran into La Rumba.

This must be booked for a future birthday/going away/bachelorette...whatever party.

Like I need an excuse to celebrate...