Friday, January 29, 2010

{ mi amigos }

i love my friends 
and don't know where I would be without them 
i truly believe people are in my life for a reason
i love that friends can share friends
especially when you're so far away 
and I'm so grateful for these friends of friends
who take care of my friends 
when I can't be there.
my heart is breaking right now
and I wish I could be there for you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

{ snowflakes for breakfast }

I woke up this morning,
looked out the window
and saw nothing but,
big, white, flakey, snow!

it doesn't snow much in the city
and when it does,
I feel like I'm on the set of a movie,
a winter wonderland of sorts.

I got ready, found my snow day coat
and stepped out into the snow globe.
As usual, I was running late for work
but I couldn't help notice a few kids on the street,
enjoying the winter snow.

As I walked past them,
a boy with beautiful brown eyes smiled at me,
with his tongue out
as not to miss any of the falling, white, flakes.
snowflakes for breakfast.
mmm...sounds delicious.

Monday, January 25, 2010

{ dog walking }

we set out for a lovely post-christmas dog walk
while I was in CO.  The air was chilly, but lovely.
The neighbors, friendly...and the dogs,
they got along beautifully...ugh. sort of.
at least mojo, my moms yorkie was ready for battle
in his faux leather aviator jacket. cute mom.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{ the district I }

i had the most AMAZING weekend in the district.

more later.

for now, I need to catch up on my zzzzz.......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{ best. ride. ever. }

after a great night at MSG watching the bulls,
and my roommates performance at penn station,
we had by far the best. subway ride. ever.
thank you NEW YORK

Saturday, January 9, 2010

{ borgstop }

there are many reasons
why I love my roommate sara...
this is one of them...

Friday, January 8, 2010

{ tys peruvian hat }

I tried on every hat in peru when I was there
and they all made me either look like my head was deformed,
or they were so large, they covered my eyes
then I try ty's hat on the subway tonight
and it is perfect.
colorful. and fleece lined.
again, perfect.
ty, I won't take your hat but I really like it.
thanks for letting me try it on.
you are one lucky peruvian hat owner.

{ midnight runs }

I wanted to do something different for NewYears this year...

so after a 
dinner at home

I put on my running clothes and braved the NY sleet
for the CPK new years midnight run. 

it was the perfect way to start the new year. 

bring on 2010. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

{ my mother likes red }

my mother loves the color red.
she goes in phases with different colors but I think
red has trumped them all.
she bought me a lovely peach rose on my birthday
and then asked me what my favorite color was...
I told her I don't really have a favorite color
as I love them all,
then she told me her favorite color is red.
I looked over at her...
I'll second her love of red.

{ italia nove! }

home sweet home
Trek back to NYC.
I almost got stuck in the bathroom at the airport in Rome!
The door wouldn't open and I had to yell for help
but luckily I was out quickly
and on the plane for our 8+ hour flight home.
The flight went by quickly due to the hot guy sitting next to me...
we talked the whole way home.
I know what you're thinking but he has a girlfriend.

the end.

until next time.

{ italia otto! }

I love you FLORENCE!
I have loved so many things we've seen in our travels but we definitely saved the best for last. We spent the morning wandering through the streets, markets and a quick stop at the DUOMO. Everyone in FLORENCE rides bikes. The kind of bikes you see in pictures that you want to buy and frame on your wall because they are so impossibly perfect.  Bikes truly rule the city and it couldn't have made me happier. ITALY as you may know is known for its museums so we spent the afternoon at the UFFIZI and ACCADEMIA galleries. You hear about these paintings and sculptures and works of art and it's always fun to see them in person but I was truly in awe of the DAVID statue. I have never seen a more impressive work of art...the perfect man he is...even down to the veins in his hands...
and to think that he was carved out of marble.
seriously impressed beyond belief.
Such precision. I liked the food in all the other cities we were in but I was beginning to think we had better italian food in NYC until FLORENCE. Everything was fresher and crisper and brighter and just better. The gelato had real fruit on each display and I couldn't get enough looks at the sugar confections in the windows. Our day ended with a drive up the hill to see FLORENCE from above. I wish I could have spent time in the Tuscan countryside but at least this gave me a glimpse. I will be back!
I wanted one last taste of
Florentine gelato but I just couldn't do it.
A week of pizza, pasta and gelato...
and I just couldn't find the room.

{ italia sette! }

cinque terre
We woke up to a gorgeous morning in VERNAZZA.
After carrying our bags up way too many painful steps
to leave them for the day, we got on a boat to begin our hike
at the first of the 5 villages, MONTEROSSO. In love again.
It's easy when you're surrounded by such vast beauty.
Great beaches adorned with
perfectly colored bright striped umbrellas.
We enjoyed another breakfast of crossants and OJ
(seriously, that's all we can find to eat, carbs, carbs, carbs)
and began the hike back to VERNAZZA.
That section is supposed to be the most difficult
but we were just fine...and in flip flops of course.
We saw all kinds of people with
hiking boots, camel backs and hiking poles
but I like to keep it simple.
Well, don't think my MZ Wallace purse
with 6 pounds of cameras and lenses is keeping it simple
but it's my kind of simple.
After VERNAZZA, we went to RIOMAGGIORE where we had
probably my favorite meal of the trip...
shrimp and bean salad with tomato bruschetta
and of course a coca cola newest italian addiction!
then to CORNIGLIA and took the train back to VERNAZZA.
It was nice to have a day to explore and wander.
So much of our trip was on a deadline,
I needed a day, schedule free!
In VERNAZZA, we quickly ate what was probably
the best pizza we'd had on our trip so far
and just barely made the train to LA SPEZIA
to then make our connection to FLORENCE.
We were a bit tired and had dusty, hiking feet,
but we had to explore FLORENCE when we arrived.
Within 5 minutes of being there I knew it was a city
I would love forever and we found the most unforgettable gelato
at a little place in the square called Gilli.
Another great day in paradise.