Sunday, January 3, 2010

{ italia quattro! }

When in ROME...
our last day exploring ROME.
The day got off to the perfect start
with the best cup of chamomile tea I've ever had.
It was so sweet and fragrant I couldn't believe it.
Then off to the VATICAN to say hi to the Pope.
It was packed and touristy but definitely worth a visit.
I loved the room of maps and how could
you not love and appreciate the SISTINE CHAPEL. gorgeous.
We hear about these works and artists our entire lives
and to actually see these great works in person
is a priceless experience.
It wouldn't be a European vacation without visiting
at least a few Basilicas so our next stop on the tour was
I am truly amazed at how all these impressive monuments
were built back in the day without all the modern
building aids we have today. Truly remarkable.
Ooh...and more pizza and pasta. Seriously.
Does this country live off of
tomatoes, breads, pastas and gelato...
I love it but can already feel my pants getting tighter.
How do the Romans always stay so thin?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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