Monday, January 4, 2010

{ italia sei! }

cinque terre
finally a leisurely morning.
Great breakfast along the canal to fuel up for the long trek
one of the 5 cities in CINQUE TERRE.
I was bracing myself for a long trek
but it went by rather smoothly and quickly.
With a few train changes, good friends
and good conversation we made it to VERNAZZA fairly quickly.
My only worry upon arriving in VERNAZZA was
whether I liked this better or Sorrento.
It's a toss up.
VERNAZZA was definitely a bit more rural,
and a little farther out of of the way so,
I might have to say it was my favorite
although lugging my suitcase up the steps to the room we rented
was a bit painful. There was a rope attached to the staircase
to aid in climbing up to the room. Good thing I prepared for this
with the 5 floor walk-up that I live on.
We made it up to a little castle on the hill to watch the sunset,
then enjoyed another perfect scenic meal overlooking the ocean,
in a quaint little restaurant nestled in the mountain. Life is good.

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