Sunday, January 3, 2010

{ italia due! }

pompeii & sorrento
we left ROME way too early to be crammed
on a bus headed for NAPLES
...luckily NAPLES was just a stop along the way.
Too touristy and HOT.
Tours. I've never booked a tour before
and I don't know if I ever will again.

{ cons }
1. obnoxious tour guides...
not only did we get to hear every detail in English
we got it in spanish too.

2. Feeling like a herd of cattle

3. Stopping in places you don't want to go...
we were herded into a cameo factory in POMPEII
to try and get us to buy said cameos...not cool.

4. Forced lunch spots...
not even worth writing about it was so awful

{ pros }
1. Not having to worry about getting around

2. Packing a lot into two short days

3. Our hotel in SORRENTO

After NAPLES we finally made our way to POMPEII.
All I can say is wow.
It was hot and dusty (a la Rome!) but worth a visit.
I've seen ruins before but with POMPEII I really got a
sense of what the city was like back in the day.
It was well defined and so much was still so intact.

After POMPEII (and making friends with a couple and their son
who happen to know a friend of mine! Again, small world!)
we made our way to heaven.
Gorgeous hotel.
Mediterranean ocean views.
Cool breeze.
VERY happy.

The Ambasciatori in SORRENTO was so far,
my most favorite spot on the trip.
We sat on the deck forever, reading, writing, photo taking
and just soaking in all the beauty.
There's something about being on the coast
that always makes me feel like I am home.

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