Monday, January 4, 2010

{ italia otto! }

I love you FLORENCE!
I have loved so many things we've seen in our travels but we definitely saved the best for last. We spent the morning wandering through the streets, markets and a quick stop at the DUOMO. Everyone in FLORENCE rides bikes. The kind of bikes you see in pictures that you want to buy and frame on your wall because they are so impossibly perfect.  Bikes truly rule the city and it couldn't have made me happier. ITALY as you may know is known for its museums so we spent the afternoon at the UFFIZI and ACCADEMIA galleries. You hear about these paintings and sculptures and works of art and it's always fun to see them in person but I was truly in awe of the DAVID statue. I have never seen a more impressive work of art...the perfect man he is...even down to the veins in his hands...
and to think that he was carved out of marble.
seriously impressed beyond belief.
Such precision. I liked the food in all the other cities we were in but I was beginning to think we had better italian food in NYC until FLORENCE. Everything was fresher and crisper and brighter and just better. The gelato had real fruit on each display and I couldn't get enough looks at the sugar confections in the windows. Our day ended with a drive up the hill to see FLORENCE from above. I wish I could have spent time in the Tuscan countryside but at least this gave me a glimpse. I will be back!
I wanted one last taste of
Florentine gelato but I just couldn't do it.
A week of pizza, pasta and gelato...
and I just couldn't find the room.

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