Monday, January 4, 2010

{ italia cinque! }

Early, early train to VENICE
but since we were only there for a day
it was nice to have a bit of time to explore.
I had been to Venice once in 2001
and it was great to be able to go back.
So much looked so familiar yet it was so so different.
Different people, different time, just different.
I love SAN MARCO square.
I could stay there for hours taking pictures
and everyone that tries to either make friends
with the pigeons or chase them away. Classic.
It is such an amazing city,
and great to just take a walk and get lost in.
No travel would be complete without a few cheesy touristy
moments so we had to take a gondola ride which
turned out to be much much more enjoyable than I thought.
Our guide was Grand Canal royalty!
Born in Venice and had just won 3rd place in the Gondola races.
He was full of stories about Venice and I loved being paddled
through the quiet, city streets. charming.
We all work hard and deserve something special
every now and then so we treated ourselves to the perfect dinner.
A bit more than I'd usually spend but well worth every penny.
The perfect quiet spot along the canal,
charming waiters who were always on top of everything...
attentive yet placid and equally funny at just the right moments.
The food was perfection...
homemade pasta with the most delicious shrimp I've ever had...
leaf wrapped Turbot fish and lemon cheesecake for dessert...
they even brought out a wrap for me when the wind picked up
a bit and I got chilly. SWEET.
We walked back through San Marco square late that evening
and had to stop and listen to the music.
I wasn't ready for Venice to end.

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