Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{ only in nyc }

I look out my twentyfirstfloor office window and what do I see? 
a rooftop photo shoot...sans clothing...and it was freezing outside! 
luckily they gave him a blanket to warm up with between shots. 
...only in new york city! 

(you can look's's G rated)

Monday, March 29, 2010

{ back to the district }

we arrived at dr. greens master suite in arlington and he'd even left us a sticky note letting 
us know which remote turned the fireplace on...the weekend was already off to a good start...
chats with jeff and a little guitar serenade...then off to bed but not before saying hi to our 
fellow new yorkers also down for the weekend...woke up to adams famous chili...and brian our 
new friend at enterprise hooked us up with a free upgrade and gas...I love being a girl...
with car we were off to the temple to take pictures of the newlyweds who were oh so lovely...
then on to whoknowswhere virginia for some fresh air, birthday cake and a little afternoon rural adventure...
took way too many scenic routes back but it was worth it as it always is because 
that's where the fun is and all you really need sometimes is a car...a radio...a camera and good company...
put on our party dresses and made it to part of the wedding reception...sparklers & happiness and 
good good friends...woke up to orange juice in fancy glasses...and the first toaster strudel I've seen 
since the nineties...DC always treats us like queens and we'll be back soon I'm sure.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{ netflix favorites }

there is a certain show
that's made it's way to the top of my netflix queue
for the last few weeks
it's the ultimate nerdy obsession
but my roommate likes it too so I feel good about it
five dollars for whoever guesses
what I'll be watching tonight...

Monday, March 22, 2010

{ shh...I'm sleeping }

red eye flights are not my favorite but as I find myself flying to see favorites
on the left coast, it must be done. I have to maximize my time there. I'm not good
at sleeping on flights but this time I had a comfy sweatshirt, eye mask and was
ready to try and sleep the flight away. I wish. I got seated next to two military
guys going home for the week. Now I have nothing against the military, except
when they try to flirt and talk to me the entire flight home. Headphones IN. check.
Eye mask ON. check. Eyes CLOSED. check. and STILL this guy tried to get me
to talk to him. He went so far as to nudge me somewhere in the middle of the flight,
right when I was about to fall asleep. Seriously. Rude.
Next time maybe I'll bring a DO NOT DISTURB sign.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{ saint patty }

I'm normally not much of a parade girl
but after the perfect morning
I had at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade,
I thought I'd go for round two.
It's Saint Patty's's sunny outside...
and I love the color green...
so, I braved the crowds,
soaked up some spring sunshine
and listened to the bagpipes...
I guess I'm a parade girl now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{ grateful }

sometimes I think that my life on the other coast was easier...
especially when there are beaches and sunny days
and cars and people you love and miss...
but then I come back to my other home
and realize I have it so good where I'm at.
It might be smelly and noisy and there are lots of stairs
but there are people who love me
and are there for me here too and I'm happy to be home.

Friday, March 5, 2010

{ subway nightmare }

today is one of those days 
in every new yorkers life
when you just want to run away 
to somewhere warm & sunny
with clear skies & fresh air, 
no yellow cabs & open roads
and not a subway in sight...
a few moments after getting on 
the subway this morning 
a guy puked right next to me 
and some landed on my shoe
it is my worst subway nightmare
and it happened to me. 
I guess I can say I lived 
through it but I would much
rather keep this in my nightmares
not my reality but I guess
it makes me tougher
and I know I will laugh 
about it tomorrow. 
today I want to run away. 
good thing my bus to DC 
leaves in a few hours. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{ philly cheese }

everything is better with whizz 
or so says nate and lance 
the guys, the girls and I took a little trip down to philly...
thanks to nate the hotel was cozy and we entertained ourselves with 
views and photos and chatter and late night nonsense 
because that's what you do when you go to philly for less than 24 hours.
it was beyond frigid the next day but we
walked and talked and photographed 
then hil surprised us with her adult sized wheelies
and we saw the bell and independence hall, and ate at reading
and got to hear trevor's engagement story, from the man himself
and ran up the steps that rocky did, in the snow
and then it snowed some more
and we decided it was time to head home
but there was one last stop, because every last stop in philly 
should be to pat's or geno's or whatever your
philly cheese steak preference is
but one piece of advice, eat your philly cheese steak with cheese whizz
not just because nate and lance say so, 
because it really is better...
you can take their word for it.  
{ everything is better with whizz }