Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{ philly cheese }

everything is better with whizz 
or so says nate and lance 
the guys, the girls and I took a little trip down to philly...
thanks to nate the hotel was cozy and we entertained ourselves with 
views and photos and chatter and late night nonsense 
because that's what you do when you go to philly for less than 24 hours.
it was beyond frigid the next day but we
walked and talked and photographed 
then hil surprised us with her adult sized wheelies
and we saw the bell and independence hall, and ate at reading
and got to hear trevor's engagement story, from the man himself
and ran up the steps that rocky did, in the snow
and then it snowed some more
and we decided it was time to head home
but there was one last stop, because every last stop in philly 
should be to pat's or geno's or whatever your
philly cheese steak preference is
but one piece of advice, eat your philly cheese steak with cheese whizz
not just because nate and lance say so, 
because it really is better...
you can take their word for it.  
{ everything is better with whizz }

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Tamara said...

these pics are awesome fernie. so glad you're sharing them!