Monday, October 26, 2009

{ male vision }

men and women are wired differently.

case in point:

My girlfriend and I were discussing what to wear to the
masquerade ball this weekend in Boston.

buy something new, wear something old, go black, brown, pink, gold, accessories, clutch, handbag, shoes, hair up, hair down, red lips, nude lips...etc. etc. etc.

a bit dramatic but this is the way we think.

after feeling a bit silly for discussing such minute details, I told her it really doesn't matter because guys will not pay attention anyways!

Not that they won't pay attention to us (they will, we're hot) but that they won't pay attention to what we're wearing or the color of our shoes.

this fact was so clearly shown to me on my recent travels in Italy:

if you've ever been to any of the Basilica's in Italy, you must dress modestly. If you aren't you have to cover-up with an extra shirt or something or borrow one of their coverups (i.e. a piece of cloth)

We were at the Basilica San Marco and my friend CF, came up to me and was so amazed and proud that he noticed that two of the women in the church had the same skirt on (guys do notice sometimes I guess) BUT...upon quick glance I couldn't contain my laughter. He was so proud of his discovery but what nameless friend saw in fact were two women with the same piece of orange cloth simply tied around their waists because their shorts were too short!

thank you nameless friend for a good laugh and for providing such a valuable example to all my lady friends that guys really don't pay attention to all the details.

it's okay though we're just wired differently.

guys, you just need to learn to deal with us...
because you know you can't live without us!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{ yeah yeah YEAH! }

lets talk about karen O for a moment...

I don't think I've ever had more fun watching someone on stage.
Talk about working a crowd.
one of my first dates in NYC was with brig...
at the YYY's concert downtown...
it was the perfect welcome to NYC and now seeing them
at Radio City with my favorite girls...
I know I've made it here.

there's nothing like a show where everyone is up...
dancing. singing and playing in pink confetti
falling from the ceiling.
THANKS aubs for getting us up. in. front.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

{ 1979 - 2009 }

katie wise friedman

1979 - 2009

I don't even know what to say right now.

I found out late Friday night that my good friend Katie passed away
 after giving birth to her second son.

my first thoughts are for Katie's husband and her kids and her sweet, sweet
family for their overwhelming loss.  My second thoughts take me back to middle school and all the stupid things we did, and high school, and reconnecting in Huntington Beach.  After years apart we found ourselves living a mile from each other.
Some things were meant to be.

I only have good memories of Katie.  She was always happy...always smiling...always having fun and was always a good friend and I know anyone that knew her would say this about her.

my thoughts take me back to a particular night in middle school when Katie invited me to a slumber party at her church.  I was sort of into a certain character on Beverly Hills 90210 then and I might have taken my poster to the sleepover and put it on the ceiling above my sleeping bag so I wouldn't miss a night with him.  seriously.  yes. I was boy crazy....
and dylan had that sweet porsche speedster.

and all of our culinary experiments. rasberry popcorn.  ugh.
we thought it sounded good at the time.

and the time when we spent HOURS writing "hi greg" all over rolls and rolls of toilet paper to tee pee gregs house...but greg called and wanted to hang out so we used the toilet paper on his neighbors house instead.

and every time I slept on her trundle bed it would fall down
on me in the middle of the night. sweet.

and her wedding ceremony at the air force chapel in colorado springs. gorgeous.

katie was so very beautiful.

we wrote just weeks ago as I was going to try and see her when I was in Italy but I wasn't able to make it happen....
I so wish I would have.

but I didn't know. none of us did.

shortly before she passed, katie was able to hold her new baby boy...
at least she got to hold him for a moment...
and thankfully those moments were captured .

katie i love you.

we'll miss you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{ the big 4 }

I just finished celebrating my FOUR year anniversary in NYC.

great friends, great food (as always) and the perfect fall night.

Walking home after work, it smelled like fall outside and I couldn't have been happier.

There's nothing like fall in New York.

I still can't believe I've been here this long. For some four years may not seem like that big of a deal but for me, four years has a bit more significance. Four years in Hawaii. Four years in California. Four years in New York and four years in ???

New York? Maybe it's time to break my four year plan and stay put for awhile?

I love NYC more than ever right now.

Really, where do you go after NYC?

NYC has been good to me. After 3 months on a couch in Jersey, and a year and a half sharing a room on the east side, I finally made my way back west. Well, the upper west side and I rather like it here. I can't imagine being anywhere else right now.

I spent hours in the park this weekend with HI and CA friends and it couldn't have been more perfect. The perfect setting with perfect people that have known me longer than most and they all agreed how well NYC and I get along. I love being with old friends in new places and despite different surroundings, things are still so very much the same. One of the greatest things in life to me, is friendships that last no matter how much distance or time separates us.

So NYC, thank you for 4 great years and here's to another...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

{ sunshine }

I'm craving this right now...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

{ juli }

juli deserves more than her own post but this is a start...

she's one of the strongest, most amazing women that I know and she needs our prayers right now.

if you're in CO, my favorite people are walking for her today.

I wish I could be there but since I'm so far away, and my pilot took the day off, 
I'm going to do my own little walk.

...ready, set, go!

Friday, October 2, 2009

{ block! }

despite a 4:45 am alarm, early morning drive and a rocky ferry ride...I LOVED the weekend in Block Island. What was supposed to be a little Duck reunion turned into a girls weekend but it couldn't have been more perfect.  Well, a few of Beantown's men joined us but I'm not talking to them now because they scared me in the middle of the night.

More on that later...

What to do in Block?

Eat at the Oar
Photo shoots,
Get scared by dumb Beantown boys*,
Try to sleep.
Bike in the rain.

*Block Island is haunted and apparently Lynn's Way where we stayed is even more haunted. Silly ghosts.  I heard noises the night we were there and tried to put them out of my mind but couldn't get back to bed...It didn't even cross my mind that our Boston friends had been downstairs plotting their attack.  So, noises continue and then I hear a knock on our door.  I whispered to the other girls in the room to see if they heard the knock, but nothing.  So, I take my eye mask off (sleep with one every night!) and the first thing I see, eyes...glowing in my face! ugh.  So I scream.  LOUD.  I think everyone in the house heard me.  
Silly, silly boys. The end.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

{ oh martha }

I've always had a lot of nicknames. It's primarily {fernie} these days and I'm more than happy with that but back in the day I got called {martha} a lot. What do I say...I like arts and crafts or the fart and crap show as my aunt would say. Cooking makes me happy and I like making things pretty so I get it. Today we saw the real Martha. Miss Em called last minute and had tickets to a taping and with the generosity of my boss (thanks BILL!)I skipped work for a few hours to go. Upon arrival, awaiting me was a room full of housewives in jewel toned old navy cotton sweaters. Guessed I missed the memo. Not that there's anything wrong with jewel toned cotton sweaters...I have several.

But moving on...

The set was gorgeous and I would be lying if I told you I didn't want that kitchen. Well, just my own refrigerator. You may think it's funny but I've never had my own fridge before and I can't wait for the day...

Roommates, I love you but...

But moving on...

I've always wished I was one of those giddy audiences members who laughs at every joke, sighs at the proper moments and loves free logo coffee mugs but that's not me and probably never will be.'s always fun to be with the girls instead of at work and I did get a cool American Fashion Cookbook. For free. Thanks Martha. I'll be making the lambchops with mint sauce soon...