Friday, October 2, 2009

{ block! }

despite a 4:45 am alarm, early morning drive and a rocky ferry ride...I LOVED the weekend in Block Island. What was supposed to be a little Duck reunion turned into a girls weekend but it couldn't have been more perfect.  Well, a few of Beantown's men joined us but I'm not talking to them now because they scared me in the middle of the night.

More on that later...

What to do in Block?

Eat at the Oar
Photo shoots,
Get scared by dumb Beantown boys*,
Try to sleep.
Bike in the rain.

*Block Island is haunted and apparently Lynn's Way where we stayed is even more haunted. Silly ghosts.  I heard noises the night we were there and tried to put them out of my mind but couldn't get back to bed...It didn't even cross my mind that our Boston friends had been downstairs plotting their attack.  So, noises continue and then I hear a knock on our door.  I whispered to the other girls in the room to see if they heard the knock, but nothing.  So, I take my eye mask off (sleep with one every night!) and the first thing I see, eyes...glowing in my face! ugh.  So I scream.  LOUD.  I think everyone in the house heard me.  
Silly, silly boys. The end.

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aubrey said...

so sad i couldnt be there. love you girls!