Sunday, October 18, 2009

{ 1979 - 2009 }

katie wise friedman

1979 - 2009

I don't even know what to say right now.

I found out late Friday night that my good friend Katie passed away
 after giving birth to her second son.

my first thoughts are for Katie's husband and her kids and her sweet, sweet
family for their overwhelming loss.  My second thoughts take me back to middle school and all the stupid things we did, and high school, and reconnecting in Huntington Beach.  After years apart we found ourselves living a mile from each other.
Some things were meant to be.

I only have good memories of Katie.  She was always happy...always smiling...always having fun and was always a good friend and I know anyone that knew her would say this about her.

my thoughts take me back to a particular night in middle school when Katie invited me to a slumber party at her church.  I was sort of into a certain character on Beverly Hills 90210 then and I might have taken my poster to the sleepover and put it on the ceiling above my sleeping bag so I wouldn't miss a night with him.  seriously.  yes. I was boy crazy....
and dylan had that sweet porsche speedster.

and all of our culinary experiments. rasberry popcorn.  ugh.
we thought it sounded good at the time.

and the time when we spent HOURS writing "hi greg" all over rolls and rolls of toilet paper to tee pee gregs house...but greg called and wanted to hang out so we used the toilet paper on his neighbors house instead.

and every time I slept on her trundle bed it would fall down
on me in the middle of the night. sweet.

and her wedding ceremony at the air force chapel in colorado springs. gorgeous.

katie was so very beautiful.

we wrote just weeks ago as I was going to try and see her when I was in Italy but I wasn't able to make it happen....
I so wish I would have.

but I didn't know. none of us did.

shortly before she passed, katie was able to hold her new baby boy...
at least she got to hold him for a moment...
and thankfully those moments were captured .

katie i love you.

we'll miss you.

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LauraAnne said...

hi...I know that I don't know you, but I came across your blog desperatly trying to find pics of Katie. I went to church with her in Denver for 18 years...and although we hadn't kept in touch the later years of our life, I am so upset and at a loss for what has happened.
Thank you for putting a piture of her up on your blog. The only pictures I have are of her with her crazy glasses and her tongue sticking out of her mouth!!
I'm sorry for you loss...