Monday, October 26, 2009

{ male vision }

men and women are wired differently.

case in point:

My girlfriend and I were discussing what to wear to the
masquerade ball this weekend in Boston.

buy something new, wear something old, go black, brown, pink, gold, accessories, clutch, handbag, shoes, hair up, hair down, red lips, nude lips...etc. etc. etc.

a bit dramatic but this is the way we think.

after feeling a bit silly for discussing such minute details, I told her it really doesn't matter because guys will not pay attention anyways!

Not that they won't pay attention to us (they will, we're hot) but that they won't pay attention to what we're wearing or the color of our shoes.

this fact was so clearly shown to me on my recent travels in Italy:

if you've ever been to any of the Basilica's in Italy, you must dress modestly. If you aren't you have to cover-up with an extra shirt or something or borrow one of their coverups (i.e. a piece of cloth)

We were at the Basilica San Marco and my friend CF, came up to me and was so amazed and proud that he noticed that two of the women in the church had the same skirt on (guys do notice sometimes I guess) BUT...upon quick glance I couldn't contain my laughter. He was so proud of his discovery but what nameless friend saw in fact were two women with the same piece of orange cloth simply tied around their waists because their shorts were too short!

thank you nameless friend for a good laugh and for providing such a valuable example to all my lady friends that guys really don't pay attention to all the details.

it's okay though we're just wired differently.

guys, you just need to learn to deal with us...
because you know you can't live without us!

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