Sunday, December 30, 2007

{ mahalo patricia }

Patricia, the fabulous ticket agent at Regal cinemas on 42nd street deserves a round of applause. I'll spare you the long story and just say I was running a few minutes late to meet A.M. at the movies. When I got to the ticket counter the show was sold out. I told the ticket guy my friend had a seat saved for me but no dice. He even tried to sell me a ticket for another show but there was nothing playing at that time. He then told me I could go talk to Customer Service so I thought I'd give it a try. My smile has helped me before (laugh). This is where I ran into the one & only Patricia, who said they would do nothing for me but since it was Christmas, she said she could do even better. She not only took me up in the secret elevator...she walked me right into the theatre & to my seat being saved by the lovely A.M...for free! There is such a thing as a free movie.

muchos mahalos patricia!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{ r & r }

i'm used running around from one thing to the next...the NY lifestyle suits me well but I think I'm ready for things to slow down a bit. This weekend was great...shabbat dinner with the fam. I love traditions...breaking bread together (best chala ever) followed by a night of just being together. Things are always so planned out it was refreshing to just relax and B E. Be in the moment and just be with each other. I needed that. Soon I went back to my ways, rushing back to the ferry to make it to Hollywould on time...worked...then to keep things exciting...a blind date. Sunday came and there was nothing better then to sit down and relax at stake conference...the music was perfect & powerful and it was good to be there. I feel like it has been too long. After church, I got to spend more time with the family...eating & walking & then eating again...that's what we do best!

I'm ready for a little rest & relaxation...what I got this weekend was rudy & rob but that's just as good. I love my family.

Friday, November 9, 2007

{ not so big }

nyc is huge, right? Not so much. I see thousands of people on the streets here every day...
yet I always seem to run into someone I know in the most random locations. I saw my friend 
Melanie today at an event at pier 54...the last time I saw her was at an art exhibit on the east side...
before that was in good 'ol Laie. random.

...there are billions of people in the world yet in that one moment, our paths merged & then crossed. 
 This brought back memories of past favorite, seeing my neighbors from CO 
at a hotel pool in Maui...or the time when I sat next to Ashley on a flight to UT...
or my first time in nyc as a visitor & running into Angie in front of penn station. 
I am grateful for these moments and only hope they continue to surprise me.

{ october recap }

Is it really november already? October came & went but not without a few unforgettable fall days...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

{ matt pond pa }

If you haven't heard the band Matt Pond PA. You should. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face tonight on the way home from the subway while listening to their new album - last light. I could have been grumpy as it was cold and my feet hurt but Matt Pond got me through it. Part of my recent obsession was their show on Monday night at a fairly new venue in Williamsburg appropriately named, the music hall of Williamsburg. duh. It was the perfect night filled with great tunes...fantastic chats with my friend Zach & a great cajun chicken sandwich at midnight found at a corner market on bedford. My favorite track - people have a way.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

{ the first }

it's time I jump on the blogwagon...
 There are so many experiences I want to capture and sometimes let the moment pass me by. 
Until now. More will come soon. Right now, I'm just enjoying fall in NY.