Friday, November 9, 2007

{ not so big }

nyc is huge, right? Not so much. I see thousands of people on the streets here every day...
yet I always seem to run into someone I know in the most random locations. I saw my friend 
Melanie today at an event at pier 54...the last time I saw her was at an art exhibit on the east side...
before that was in good 'ol Laie. random.

...there are billions of people in the world yet in that one moment, our paths merged & then crossed. 
 This brought back memories of past favorite, seeing my neighbors from CO 
at a hotel pool in Maui...or the time when I sat next to Ashley on a flight to UT...
or my first time in nyc as a visitor & running into Angie in front of penn station. 
I am grateful for these moments and only hope they continue to surprise me.

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