Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{ big texas }

a weekend in dallas texas: my first visit
Our flight was delayed but it was okay because I had my camera
and we filmed commercials in the airport, just because. The camera
loves Andrea. Southern charm is no joke and stepping off the plane
the charm was there from the moment we landed until we, almost tearfully,
got to the airport to begin our trek back home. Friday was a perfect
day off. We started things right with lunch, then a visit to the famed
Northpark Mall.  Texans know how to shop. Wow. I was impressed.
The mallgoers were decked out in their finest red and orange tees
ready for the Texas-OU game that evening at the Texas State Fair
which of course we attended because Texas is not Texas without a little fried
Oreos? Pizza? PB&J? Coke? Pepperoni Pizza? Butter?
Fried butter? Really? What the...???
Still feeling the prior nights fried fiesta, Saturday was spent in down dog at yoga
then in the steam room and pool where the Texas sunshine couldn't have been more perfect.
Texas is a winner. I'll be back but no more fried Frito pies for me.

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