Monday, October 11, 2010

{ sixty four cents }

5 years ago I moved to NEW YORK, with sixty four cents in my pocket...
My California favorites gave it to me when I packed up and moved to the big city. 
I really did put it in my pocket because who gets to say they moved here with sixty four cents...I do. 
It's amazing to think how much has happened in the last five years...I'm in awe. 
In awe of my life and all that I have and the people that have come my way. 
I miss California daily but had I never made the jump to this coast,
I wouldn't have all that I have now and I'm forever grateful for those who pushed me out here. 
Who knows how much longer I'll be here but NEW YORK and I have had a good time
thanks to all my NEW YORK favorites who have made that happen...I LOVE you!

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