Thursday, September 23, 2010

{ banana peel }

I just realized where the huge bruise on my leg came from...
On Sunday, they provided lunch for us after sacrament...
so I'm standing there, talking my life away as usual, trying to eat my salad
and all of a sudden I feel this massive force come towards me from behind
salad goes everywhere...I laugh...and brush it off gracefully...
( luckily I held my own and remained standing )
 I then tried to piece together what in the world just happened
it goes something like this: 
guy is walking, guy slips on banana peel, guy runs into me
guy gets embarrassed and runs away. 
whoever you are mister banana peel slipper, 
it's provided great afternoon entertainment
and my bruise will go away...soon hopefully!

1 comment:

Spencer, Erin, Parker and Ben said...

That is really funny Jen. I thought people only slipped on banana [ee;s in movies. :) Love catching up with you! Sounds like a great summer and now a good fall. Love you.