Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ hair screening }

I'll let Matt tell the story on this one:

Pamela Pamela Pamela! What are we going to do with her. I say we take the hairpiece and do something fun with it. So, did she tell you what happened with the hairpiece? We were having breakfast with Ruth and Rob and Pam told us this story. She said on her way through security in Denver that she was wearing her Jean jacket that was part of her outfit. Security said she had to take the jacket off because she was buzzing. Pam refused! She told security it was part of her outfit and that she would not take it off. During the story, we are all do what security tells you to do, post 9/11. Anyway we went on about eating our meal.

In the evening Pam was taking me to dinner. She then said that she had lied to Ruth and Rob about security. I said what are you talking about? Well come to find out, it was not her jacket that set off the alarm at security, it was her hairpiece. They insisted that she take off the hairpiece and put it through screening. So there this piece of fake hair is sitting all alone going through the screening...then after it checked out, she put it back on. lol

My cute mother always makes me laugh!

SNL here's your next skit.

{ image found via photo shelter }

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