Saturday, September 13, 2008

{ the real world }

The divine ms. M took me to a party tonight at the Pop Burger lounge. It was late but I had some time to relax a bit at home before, so as usual, I got my second wind, put on my party shoes and headed out in the rain. There was a good crowd there...great people watching + MTV's Real World brooklyn crew. I remember the days when the Real World seemed so glamorous to me. I think that lasted through the first season. I kinda wish I got more excited seeing celebrity's & such (not that I count the Real World crew as celebrities - but you know what I mean) but I really don't. They're just people. The party was fun but my favorite part of the evening was spent on my beloved streets of New York, chatting with one of my favorite NYC girls, the divine ms Em. There's nothing better than good friends, good conversation and another perfect NYC night.

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