Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{ surprise surprise }

My mothers dreams came true last Saturday. I was surprised for the very first time. A birthday surprise that is. She's tried for years but it never really quite worked out.

Thanks Em & Co.

Being a December baby, birthdays for me are usually spent with family and the occasional dinner with whoever is in town. More than fine with me since I'm not a huge fan of being the center of attention but not this year.

What I thought was a co-birthday celebration brunch with miss dimond 
was a surprise birthday brunch for me.

Good thing I showered that morning!

I usually pick up on things but it didn't even cross my mind that we might not be going to Freeman's for dinner as I'd thought, even when I didn't get sent a copy of the invite. I should have known. I have to say it was kinda fun being surprised though.

They picked the perfect spot.

Arte Cafe. Brunch was delicious, the back room had the most gorgeous chandeliers (a favorite of mine) 
and I loved catching up with everyone.

The only thing I didn't get was a group picture. I guess I don't have to have a picture for everything. :)

After brunch James & I headed off to the Getty. Sadly, only two wings were open but it didn't ruin the day. I loved being inside just watching the snow fall on the reservoir.

Days like this make me never ever want to leave New York.

...and since Freeman's was a hoax we went off to the bull riding championships at MSG that night. Never thought I'd see that in NYC but then again, nothing surprises me here.

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