Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{ roof garden }

I've never had much of a green thumb...
back in California I had visions of a lovely rooftop garden
but my plants always withered away shortly after purchase
that was until my lovely AP biology teacher roommate
brought them back to life. THANKS S!
Living in NYC, I crave green. 
Green grass, green rolling hills, green vegetables, anything green.
so H and I decided we'd make a rooftop garden attempt
One quick trip to Home Depot
and we had our seeds, soil and cute gardening gloves. 
We planted, and watered
and then I got busy but I watered when I could 
and then I got busier and kind of forgot about our garden
but last night we decided to garden again and...
there was a garden! on our rooftop! success! 
We did it! Our garden certainly could have used a little more love
but what love we did give it paid off!  
mixed greens, cabbage, beans & cute little carrots. 
we harvested, chopped, cooked 
& had a lovely rooftop garden feast.
I'm truly amazed what a little seed, sun and some water can do. 
There will definitely be a next time & you're all invited for the feast!

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