Monday, December 20, 2010

{ resolutions oh ten }

every year my new years resolutions go something like this
eat better, workout more, spend less, save more
blah, blah, blah... 

it's a constant battle 
so this year, I decided those items are getting checked off my list forever. 
because they are things I should be doing on a daily basis, all year long anyways
so this year my resolutions are going to be different...
I'm putting people on my new years resolutions
I want to see you all more and not just for 5 minutes at a party or on Facebook...
we all get so busy but I'm going to try and call more and text less 
(although if you have heytell, you'll be getting heytells because heytell is by far my favorite app of 2010)
I'd much rather hear your sweet voices
and it's way more fun than trying to text and walk at the same time, which I do all too frequently.
Multitasking is my thing but I don't think I'll ever master texting and walking at the same time
it's tricky...I maybe walked into something in the lobby of a hotel the other morning
while trying to master both simultaneously...haha.

{ image found via elements magazine }

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