Thursday, April 24, 2008

{ first lady, literacy + scones }

On Tuesday night the girls & I had the opportunity to attend a lecture at the 92nd Street Y with First Lady Barbara & Jenna Bush on literacy and education (thanks Em for the invite!). I ran into a co-worker on the way in...she noticed the group of us when she first walked in since we were all blonde (except for Ash but we still love her!). We are on the east coast where brunettes are plentiful.

I don't attend very many lecture series and I was pleasantly surprised by the conversation. First off, it was nice to see the First Lady in a whole new light, speaking about something she is very passionate about...literacy & books. My favorite part though was seeing her interact with her daughter...they have the typical mother/daughter relationship. Jenna definitely ruled the conversation and even called her mom out on a few things, "you don't read trashy novels mother!"

After the lecture, we went up to my old place, where Kimmy treated us to Blueberry scones with fresh strawberries & whipped cream...delicious!

It was the perfect summer evening with my favorite nyc girls!

Oh...and I finally watched my first ever episode of American Idol. I've been a skeptic but I think I'm going to finally admit that I kinda liked it. C'mon. You can't go wrong with Daughtry and David Cook but then again I'm a sucker for a man that knows how to rock.

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