Friday, April 25, 2008

{ green & gorgeous }

Even before Earth Day (April 22nd for you non-earth celebrators) I've been trying to think a little more "green." Without even really thinking about it, I've been turning off more lights, using less water, trying to create less waste, eating less meat etc. etc. etc. Maybe the Colorado hippie girl is coming out in me and maybe I'm just trying to do my part.

I've noticed even more so lately how much junk mail and catologs we get every day...some of which I just toss right in the mail. It's a waste. To try to cut down on this and save me time from sorting through all the junk, I signed up for a few online services to opt out of receiving certain catalogs and put myself on the do not mail list. I couldn't take J.Crew off the list (I love their catalogs!) but the others got a big fat x next to do not send.

Below are the links if you're interested...every bit helps!

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