Thursday, August 7, 2008

{ uhaul in the city }

note to self: don't try to park a huge truck in the city.

what was I thinking?

I had my first big solo event for work last night, the annual Pzena Challenge.
...a lot of work but I loved it.
There were a few hiccups and I ended up with a Uhaul truck at the end of the night and unable to return it until the next day.
I felt kinda big a powerful driving that thing through the city. Driving down Broadway through Times Square was nuts. I looked at my friend in the car with me and couldn't contain my laughter. I had one of those funny, "is this what my life has become moments." I drove around forever trying to find a spot to park the beast and gave up after awhile to find a parking garage. Not easy. The parking garages didn't want the beast either. Luckily I finally found a spot that I smiled my way into {insert smile here}. Gotta love girl power. kidding.

The Uhaul is back and I learned my was a pain but definitely another good memory from life in nyc.

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