Friday, May 14, 2010

{ borg night }

 it's no secret that I love to throw parties
so when a favorite roommate decided it was time to move back west
I went into party planning mode

borg and I have lived together for I think almost three years now
a long long time for this transient city 
and we've seen each other through so many good & bad times
from drastic hair style changes to impromptu dance parties
to crazy freak sort of tornado storms that destroyed my 
two day old patio furniture that I have to note:
borg tried to save but when the winds were about to carry her
away to neverland, she decided it was time to let it go. 
that's roommate love for you...

BORG is a staple in this city so her going away could be no small fete
so we started the countdown for her departure by having 
BORG nights...every Tuesday night in April.

anyone was welcome, as long as they were a friend of BORG
or future friend of BORG because well, 
anyone that meets this lovely lady, will want to be her friend.

BORG night one started off with a trip down to Peanut Butter & Co.
{ I recommend ordering the Elvis - delicious! }
and dining with our takeout at Washington Square Park 
always a great spot on the perfect spring night 
in true BORG fashion...friends were made:
two young twins, twirling to the violin 
and a few innocent bystanders on the 1 train
who didn't know they were going to be a part
of the BORG dance party
which ended on the stoop of our apartment
BORG night two began at one of my favorite spots in the city the Brooklyn Bridge
{ ever since Newsies and Spot...Brooklyn has had a place in my heart }
we walked, we talked
we photographed 
and we ate 
Grimaldi's of course...but we went local style
and called ahead for takeout because who needs to wait in line 
for an hour for pizza when you can eat on the dock
overlooking this beautiful city that we call home
BORG night three was home, on our rooftop
{ s'mores & borg }
the reason I'm okay walking up 5 flights of stairs
it's quiet and spacious and perfect for friends
and a night of camping out...manhattan style
the only thing missing was a moonlight serenade
but we had everything else we needed
good friends & good food
and most of the time...that's all you need.
BORG night four at the abbey pub
{ who knew there was free karaoke a short block from our apartment }
the bar was woody & cozy...perfect for a night of
"don't stop believing...."
we rocked, we talked, we sang
made some fans
cute & scruffy with perfect british accents
and we ended Tuesday BORG nights on a high note.

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theborgstop said...

Jen Fernholz is a gift from the roommate gods! She wins the longest and best roommate award. She was constantly sharing her clothes, dishes, beauty products, blow dryer, but most importantly her love and friendship. I am better because of her and no one will take her permanent place carved out in my heart. Fernie I love you!