Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{ juli perry }

we didn't know how long she would hang on
but she did...
ever so gracefully
and boldly
and honorably
and beautifully
the timing is never convenient but I wouldn't have
missed this for anything.
I had to be there.
I needed to be there.
the entire flight over, every time I closed my eyes
her face popped into my mind
but there were no tears
only smiles
because you can't not smile with Juli around
thank you for being a fighter
and for staying around long enough to teach us
that we can always try a little harder
laugh a little louder
be a little nicer
and live every day the best way we can
because that's the only way to live
you will be greatly missed
but your spirit
will never be forgotten
thanks for inspiring us all...
we love you.

1 comment:

Jill Hovey said...

Beautiful post, beautiful pictures. I'm sorry I missed seeing you at the service!