Friday, May 13, 2011

{ london calling }

fourty two hours in London
the most beautiful and sunny weekend that they've had in a long time
Thank you London for letting me fall in love with you!
FRIDAY morning we arrived not too early and made our way to Julie & Simon's lovely flat
where I took a nap (red eyes don't make me happy but it was a bit more entertaining as the girl
next to me was a roller derby star...for real...funny as I had just watched Whip It two nights before).
I woke up from my beauty sleep and we made our way to lunch....yummy crepes and a gorgeous
stroll through Hyde Park. Played in the Princess Diana memorial fountains with Julie's son Mason and then made our way to Covent Garden for strolling and a walk on the Thames and Trafalgar Square and the
National Gallery and dinner at Jamies Italian...yes, THAT Jamie. Phew! I was tired. SATURDAY Woke up not too early, plans for a run never sleep was more important, but had a lovely breakfast in Hampstead (my new favorite! place in London), followed by a gorgeous walk around the Hemp...

and cartwheels...then off to Borough Market...delicious! talked into buying like 10 pounds of the most delicous cinnamon dusted chocolate almonds and then made our way to the Tate...sunflower seeds...that's all I can say...unbelievable! Strolled over to St. Pauls and caught the last fifteen minutes of mass and then off to
a Chocolate festival...quick dinner then made our way over to a I'm not sure exactly what to call it performance at the exhausted but so happy from a perfect day of exploring...had a cup of K's new herbal tea...girl talk and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. SUNDAY Church of loved the chapel

then back to Hyde Park for more sunshine and strolling...crossaints at the Orangery and then a valiant effort to rent the Barclays bikes but it wasn't meant to be...and that was okay because the sun was out, and we were in London! Sadly, it was time to head back across the pond but London treated us well and
I'll definitely be back. Next time, I'm going to give myself more time to breathe....

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