Thursday, May 19, 2011

{ lobster rolls }

For some time now, I've had this vision of eating lobster by the sea in Maine...
The funny thing is, I really don't love lobster. It all just seemed so perfect in my mind.
So northeastern, so nautical, so me...
I was supposed to be exploring Amish country this weekend but
a cheap ticket and a last minute change of plans and I was going to have my lobster.
The lobster...well, I could probably never eat lobster again and be happy
but Maine was gorgeous and rustic and serene and oh so beautiful
just as beautiful as the Maine you see in pictures
we had our cute little (freeeezing!) cottage by the sea and walked the coast
and it sort of felt like our own little freezing summer camp but the cold was worth it.
we roadtripped up to Acadia and took as many pictures as our cards could hold and
stopped off on the road every single time we saw something that needed our cameras attention
(that's the beauty of roadtripping with friends who love their cameras as much as I love mine)
we saw donkeys and cool road signs and swamps and coastline and I had the best 
coconut ice cream I've ever had...and the worst buffet I think I've ever had to pay for
 and when it was time to come back to our freezing cottage, Josh made us a fire
so that we were nice and cozy and we roasted marshmallows, just because.
The Amish can wait.  Maine was pretty much just as perfect as I had pictured it.

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