Thursday, July 28, 2011

{ so much love new york }

I love new york but sometimes I wonder why I live here....but just when I'm having one of those moments when I've had it with the crowds and the smells and the stairs and the york reminds me how much I love it.  I get to watch movies with Marilyn Monroe in Bryant Park and take the ferry across to Staten Island to see Lady Liberty anytime I want and watch the sunset along the river, and eat the best tacos I've ever had and I get to explore new neighborhoods and go to the MOMA after work and then and go to a baseball game at a cool stadium with fireworks and shake shack and I get to be a New Yorker and go to brunch and governors island to ride bikes and relax and I get to hang out on the Brooklyn Bridge and then walk to Brooklyn and eat the most amazing ice cream sandwich ever and I get to look up and realize I'm at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, at a hip hop festival and then Busta Rhymes shows up unexpectedly and then Kanye...yes, THAT Kanye...and I sort of feel like I'm in a dream but it's too real and feels too good to be a dream and I realize that I LIVE here.  This is my LIFE and it feels oh so good.  So much love New York, so much LOVE. And the thing is, the story doesn't end here...there was Williamsburg and the perfect time of day and the best street music and dinner at an outdoor garden with my favorites and then ice cream and a birthday barbeque on my roof and whiffle ball along the river and then........................
my life is so good, and yes, I'm grateful, and yes I know how lucky I am.

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katielizabethawkes said...

i think thoughts like this all the time about Arizona...on days like this, when it's 117. i think, "why the hezz do i live in this sticky mess?" i get tired of sweating, you know. but then there are those sunsets...and those nights when the monsoon rains waft in and it smells romantic outside (doesthatevenmakesense?) and it's deliciously warm and i'm in cutoffs and the desert is beautiful in its own quirky way...yes yes i understand you.