Thursday, November 6, 2008

{ beehive state }

I needed a little break from the sea of buildings I live in, so Whit & Tom's wedding at Sundance came at the perfect time. Utah couldn't have been more beautiful. The sky was clear & blue and the leaves, in perfect fall hues. I didn't get to visit with as many people as I would have liked (isn't that always the case?!?) but I managed to pack quite a bit into a few days. Hires limeade (thanks for the rec Em!), great hosts, HI friends, CA friends, new Vans (yay!), Cafe Rio (my first time!), gorgeous drives, midnight photo shoot, too much greasy food, Warren Miller, 2am at IHOP, Provo garage dance party (seriously) and of course, the main event, Whit & Tom's wedding. Sundance was the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. 
 I loved having the NYC in SLC.

{ congratulations! } whitney & tom and thanks for letting us join in the celebration!

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