Friday, November 21, 2008

{ machu picchu }

The adventure begins tomorrow! We've been talking about this trip for so long I can't believe it's here!

I'm praying for no altitude sickness and only small thunderstorms. It's supposed to rain quite a bit but it will only add to the adventure. I'm ready for the challenge!

I haven't worn a rain poncho in could be cool, right? The last time I wore a poncho I was hiking in Yosemite and we got caught in a blizzard on the top of the mountain. Good thing I at least had the poncho. Someone told us it would be a fun, easy, hike. Right.
 I don't ever remember being so hungry and all we had was the one mini trail mix packet 
that I decided to throw in my bag last minute. We held off until we reached the peak, 
then each took a small handful. That's all there was. 
 So dramatic at the time but so funny now that I think about it.

I'm excited to hike & explore all of Peru that I can, and of course take a photo or two or a thousand.

I hope you have a wonderful THANKSGIVING! We'll be having make-up Thanksgiving when I return.
 I kind of love stuffing & cranberry sauce. Not together though.

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