Friday, November 7, 2008

{ cuz joely }

Joel and I finally got to catch up over lunch at Bukhara Grill today.

If you love Indian you have to check this place out. Apparently the Indian guru at Citi says Bukhara is king so I made the trek over to the east side for a long overdue birthday lunch for the one and only, Joel Cohen.

My cousin Joel more than deserves his own post. Not only is he the best cousin, he welcomed me to the start of my adventures in NYC by letting me sleep on his couch for 3 months! I wasn't supposed to be there that long but when my first apt. here fell through last minute, he let me stay as long as I needed. I laugh picturing the night I showed up at his apartment with my bags, not knowing exactly what I was doing here but things all worked out...somehow they always do. I don't miss Joel's couch but I do miss our chats, and the never-ending stream of Joel's favorite tunes. Most mornings I was woken up to Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel or Joel Cohen singing his heart out. If only you could all be so lucky to have Joely as your cuz.

Somehow this picture didn't get erased from my computer after downloading Joely's China pics. 
 The King is alive!

Blue Drinks....a Cohen family favorite

I didn't know any guys when I first moved here so I took Joel as my date to my works 
holiday party as I knew he would fit right in. He is the life of every party.

Cousins trip to Cabo

After lunch at Bukhara Grill.

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