Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{ beantown! }

beantown: back in colonial days, a favorite boston food was beans baked in molasses for several hours. Back then, Boston was sort of awash in molasses - it was part of the "triangular trade" in which slaves in the Caribbean grew sugar cane to be shipped to Boston to be made into rum to be sent to West Africa to buy more slaves to send to the West Indies. Even after the end of this practice, Boston continued as big rum producing city - the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 (which killed 21), ocurred when a tank holding molasses for rum production exploded (wikipedia).

LOVED my boston weekend! girl talk. guy talk. road trips. getting lost. being found. plush hotel beds. NY friends. CA friends. reunions. speakers. witches. salem. bus friends. bad costumes. good costumes. pei wei. cartwheels. truth or dare. masks. thriller. masquerade ball.starbucks oatmeal. cheers. the el. new friends. old friends. hugs. commons. friendly toast. leaves. fall. ray. PERFECTION.

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