Sunday, November 15, 2009

{ truth or dare }

I gave in and got an iphone this summer so I could be like the rest of the cool kids. I knew I would love it and I do but my love grew when I discovered the truth or dare application in boston...thanks H! It was the perfect distraction while waiting for our food at the Friendly Toast (if you're in beantown...go!).
I always chose truth but next time, I'm ready for a dare.


audrey said...

hey... i remember that guy in the first pic. what's his name again?

love some truth or dare ; ) go dare!!

fernie said...

it's lance johnson. he's okay. kidding! lance is great. I feel like he's my summer camp friend...I always run into him at random gatherings...and LOVE the truth or dare. I'm ready to play again...