Friday, November 20, 2009

{ rochester in 24 }

what do you do when you have a nice boss, a vacation day to spare and a fabulous friend who wants you to fly up to rochester last minute?  you GO.

you get a ticket last minute, pack your bag, hop on an early morning flight, have your friend pick you up right on time, make a new friend, drive to palmyra, spend a chilly but perfect afternoon touring the smith family farm, b.o.m. publishing shop, hill cumorah, make friends with all the missionaries, play in the leaves, take pictures, eat bad diner food (they had creamed cod on the menu! sick!), try on a bonnet so you can feel more like a pioneer, drive back to your fabulous but ghetto hotel room, get ready for a little show in rochester, dine at a chain restaurant (much better than the diner "garbage" plate the concert security guard tells you about), your fabulous friend tells the waiter he has beautiful arms, he says thank you, you sleep, fly back to NYC, and get ready for a little birthday party for said fabulous friend...

...and then you smile, because you had the most perfect weekend.


the end (until next time)

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