Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{ the c states }

c is for chocolate and cheese...two of my favorites
and colorado & other homes
this holiday couldn't have been more perfect
five days in beautiful sunny colorado
and five days in beautiful (less sunny though!) california
I got to relax and eat the finest home cooking
and watch lots of movies and sit still for awhile
and talk and walk and hike and watch the clearest sunset at calafia
and see my favorites that I don't get to see enough of
there was even an all day excursion to disneyland
running into a friend from hawaii at my moms gym of all places...
what the random?!?
an east coast west coast reunion
toasting to the new year on a gorgeous yacht in newport harbor
and an unexpected reunion with my freshman year crush
life in the c states was perfect
i am lucky & blessed.

{ image courtesy of khm }

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