Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ freezing in new york }

times square 1.27.11 

dear anyone who cares to listen to me complain, 
I'm freeeeeeezing!
new york is cold and there's way too much snow for me. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the snow. 
I love snowcapped mountains and sitting inside on a snowy night cozy by a fire
and snowball fights and sledding on snow and skiing on snow and shaved ice snow and 
snow patrol and snow bird and snow white and snow days
but NEW YORK snow makes me grumpy
it looks pretty when you're up on the 21st floor 
and you feel like you're in a snow globe
but on the streets it turns to slush, mush, shush...blah.
It's not the pretty, flakey, powdery snow of your dreams
Life is good, I really shouldn't complain
but I'm freeeezing and my skin misses the sunshine 
I'm about as white as snow now 
and although white is supposed to be the new tan. 
I need some sunshine...just a little sun kiss. 

freezing in new york 

photo may appear worse than it really was...
I just want all my eighty degrees and sunny west coast friends to feel sorry for me. 

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