Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{ sundance, barns & mad libs }

the more I head to Utah for weekend trips, the more I fall in love with it...being from Colorado, I always think Colorado is better but Utah is slowly beginning to win my heart...kk and I decided we needed a weekend escape to the sundance film fest and the weekend went a little something like this...

friday: oh hey hot guy on the plane sitting next to us reading GQ, picked up at SLC airport
by the lovely lindsay, yummy thai dinner and two random friend spottings...oh utah...drove straight up to park city to walk the sundance strip...too much of a scene for me, we walked and talked and froze and got hit on by 19 year olds and a 50 year old with the scariest sausage fingers ever that I really hope I can erase from my memory...chai and girl talk and finally home at I don't even remember what time because it was way way too late for even us city girls. saturday: sleep, slept in way too late but we needed it and it was nice to sleep in for once, then up to SLC to see a sundance film, er, try to see a sundance film,  then shopping and walking, SLC can thank me for the $10 I didn't mean to donate to their parking system, Olive Garden bread sticks and bottomless salad because that's what you do when chain restaurants are plentiful, more chai and then off to a party in a barn with hay and bonfires and old friends and new friends that we hope we'll be seeing more of. sunday: church twice because once sometimes isn't enough and then it was time for games and cookies because it was freezing out and it was time we stayed home for once to catch up on our beauty sleep... zzzzzzzzzz. monday: kneaders for brunch because when you're in Provo, it's the thing to do and it's the perfect place to catch up with friends you don't see enough of,  then we drove up to midway because we heard about these fantastic ice castles and needed to go see the magic for ourselves, so we explored and froze and drove and then made a little stop in park city for lunch and then back to SLC to spend some time at temple square, met the cutest sister, started talking and of course we have friends in common from laie so we stayed to chat... after the temple, it was date time...I met the sweetest guy at the barn who offered to cook me dinner (a man that can cook? yes please!), and it was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend that I didn't want to end...yes I had fun on the date (seriously impressed!) until I had to speed off to the airport to take the red eye home but the flight went fast...it's always more fun traveling with a friend and we maybe did madlibs almost the whole way home...my stomach hurt from laughing too much and I was beyond exhausted but it was worth every second. UT friends, thank you for showing us a very good time...I will be back soon...and that's a promise! 

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