Sunday, January 9, 2011

{ subway confessions }

I don't often talk to strangers on the subway
I'm sure half the people on the train are perfectly normal 
but it's NYC, there are crazies here
so I'm usually found riding with my ear phones in or a book in my hands
Friday night though I was coming back from PBR
(professional bull riders-the greatest show & the hottest guys at madison square garden) 
and waiting at 96th street with my roommate for the subway
and this woman just started talking to us 
first things out of her mouth were...
so, I work at a bank and we were robbed today
she just started talking, like we were old friends
and showed us her bank badge, so we wouldn't think she was crazy
she needed a friend, just someone to talk to and I'm glad we were there for her
bank robbery though, what?
she was crying.
The good thing I told her was that the chances of this ever happening to her again are SLIM!
I hope she had someone to go home to and a good friend to call.
ahh, only in New York City.

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