Thursday, March 12, 2009

{ bronx, gypsy cabs, greasy pizza & no olaya }

...we tried to do the right thing tonight.

Our good friend Oscar's father is in a nursing home in the Bronx so we decided to make the trek up there to visit him.

trek = 90 min. of really slow trains up to the last stop in the bronx

We maybe were talking too much and got off on the wrong exit. Bad idea. That's what girls do though. We talk & we're good at it.

So, we ended up at Dyer avenue, thinking we had gotten off on the right exit.

We started walking in what we thought was the right direction but after a bit we decided we had no clue where we were (and for honestly the first times since I moved to NYC I was scared).

Actually, forget service, we were really there to film an episode of snow white in the hood.

Kidding, but that's what it felt like. They loved us up there.

After a quick stop to get what was probably the greasiest slice of pizza I've ever had (with wheat crust of course!) we found a cologne infested gypsy cab to take us to Mr. Olaya miles from where we were.

We finally made it to the nursing home and they wouldn't let us in.


...something about visiting hours!

...did they not understand what we went through to get there?


one of us got of us got emotional but we still didn't get to see him. sad.

As miss Em says, rules were made to be broken, but this time, 
the security guard wasn't about to let us break them.

as if.

...the place was awful and even more reason to make another attempt at visiting Oscar's papa.

We'll be back, I promise.

Now that we know how to get there...

& I'll bring the seven dwarfs with me next time.

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