Monday, March 9, 2009

{ spice market }

One of the many reasons to love NYC is the food.

I'm a spoiled brat now when it comes to restaurants...we have so many options here, 
cheap & not cheap, we've got it good.

Spice Market has always been one of my favorites! A recommendation from Huge (not a NYer but a lover of food & she has great taste), I loved Spice Market the first time I went and have been back many times.

I was supposed to play video games with the guys but got a last minute dinner invite to S.M. and had to go!

The best part about it was we didn't have a table but KBIII being the man that he is went downstairs and managed to get us a great table in one of the private rooms downstairs despite a 90 minute wait.

oh to be young & beautiful...

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