Sunday, March 22, 2009

{ p-town }

Em and I decided to make a last minute day trip to Philly Saturday morning.

I don't care that I JUST got back from San Diego. I couldn't pass up a road trip. 
I love the city but one day out is like a whole weekend of vacation. 
 Philly was the perfect destination and there's nothing that the road can't cure.

The day started off with the Reading Terminal Market. AMAZING! Can I please shop here every Saturday? Lunch was delicious (complete with live piano music man) and I loved shopping for veggies & fruits afterwards...SO much cheaper than my beloved NYC.

Next was cultural time with a stop at the Liberty great (and FREE!) and then the 
Rocky steps at the art museum. But of course. The experience was made complete by getting 
hit on by an old guy (way out of his league!) trying to be sporty spice like Rocky and then 
the pee colored tooth guy who we wanted to take a picture with that ended up being:

a. not as cute up close
b. a jerk

Target was next on the agenda (yes, I get excited to go to Target!) and then the perfect dinner with old nyc friends, current nyc friends & our philly people.

Thanks Philly for providing us with a great Saturday vacay!

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